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I realized I only uploaded day1 so here's just, all the stuff!

NYCC Day 1 Haul! by Radicalhat
Day 1
- An Autograph from Carey Means
- Burger Boss Bob
- Tina keychain
- The Monarch figure
- Rick blind box figure
- Brock Samson pin
- BirdPerson pin

Untitled by Radicalhat
Day 2
-Snagglepuss Funko pop
- Wally Gator funko pop
- Robot Chicken Professor blind box figure
- Nakey Brock
- Yeehaw Morty pin
- President Morty pin
- Gene figure

Untitled by Radicalhat
Day 3

-Art from Carey Means
- Vol 2 of the hardcover Rick and Morty comics
- Bob blind box figure
- Louise keychain
- Samurai Jack blind box figure
- Brock Samson blind box figure
- An orange cat that i have no idea what its from
- Master Shake plush keychain
- Bob keychain

I'm not trying to brag I just wanna show what cool stuff I got this year. Most ppl do that with cons.
burningbiscuits Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017
did you meet any other famous people there?

also i'm like... very jealous of you rn
Radicalhat Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't 
I wasn't too interested in any of the other famous ppl going tbh but!! I had fun
burningbiscuits Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017
still, lucky!!! the only convention i've been to was a local one

i met someone who was on mighty morphing power rangers though! she was nice
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